Zoom WDYM Hood
Zoom WDYM Hood
Zoom WDYM Hood


$45.00 USD
WUDUYUMEEEEEEEEAN! This jumper was just because people wanted something that said wuduyumean on it. As I was creating this with my designer we came up with a style that is bold, simple, but also has something to say. The Japanese writing on the arms translates to ‘what do you mean’, so when someone asks ‘what does that mean’ you can say ‘what do you mean’ and it’s a shit joke! Nah but really, I personally really like the design of this, and the sleeves (in my opinion) make it unique. At the end of the day everyone is unique, and I believe that should be celebrated. When you put this jumper on, it’s a reminder to not take life seriously and to embrace your own uniqueness.
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